A Vanilla Minecraft Community

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Coming to this place is like coming to my own home - and I give you my heartfelt welcome.
As if you were in my home, I expect you to be kind, respectful, and decent.

No profanity or dirty language.
No griefing or hacking.
Misbehavior will be dealt with personally.

This is a place for you all to enjoy together.
Consider each other and be a blessing to one another.


1. In Community - everyone is seen. Take an interest in others' builds. Spend time together!
2. Trust is key to success as a community. Be sure to respect it!
3. Patience is required for any quality build. Don't rush building or farming, but enjoy the whole process!

How to join

First you must join the discord. (see invite above)
Next, read #how-to-join and apply in #vetting.
We have questions for you and will determine if you are a good fit.